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PE Curriculum


A vibrant and inclusive programmes that provides character building experience through physical education.Goals of Physical Education

Goal 1: Acquire a range of motor skills to participate in a variety of physical activities.

Goal 2: Understand and apply movement concepts, principles and strategies in a range of physical activities.

Goal 3: Demonstrate safe practices during physical and daily activities with respect to themselves, others and the environment.

Goal 4: Display positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences.

Goal 5: Acquire and maintain health-enhancing fitness through regular participation in physical activities.

Goal 6: Enjoy and value the benefits of living a physically active and healthy life.

The lower primary level focuses on mastery of fundamental motor skills such as locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills with application of movement concepts to develop efficiency, effectiveness and versatility in students’ performance. Once the foundation is laid, the upper primary level extends on the mastery of discrete skills to focus on more complex combinations and sequences of movements, and skills application in more recognisable forms of activity and games. 

The PE curriculum provides diversity and breadth for the school to plan and implement a well-balanced physical education programme. The seven learning areas are:



PE Programmes

NKPS Health Week

NKPS Health Week was held to raise the student’s awareness on building an active and healthy lifestyle. The students went through meaningful and engaging activities such as the Health Roving Carnival, Assembly Talk by Milo, Game Challenge, Health pledge, Health in Art and Making Healthy Sandwiches. Our students showed enthusiasm and benefited learning through these meaningful experiences. At the end of the Health Week, students received a Healthy Plate sponsored by MILO and they pledged to use it during their daily meals at home.   

The Staff from NKPS took part in Floorball to role model our students in promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as build bonds and camaraderie. The parents were also treated to a Workshop conducted by the School’s Counsellor entitled “Promoting the Mental Well-Being of our Children”. 

The students, staff and parents found this holistic and integrated Health programmes beneficial as it helped to promote an active and healthy living for everyone in the school wide-community.



Active Recess@Northoaks

The school embarked on the Active Recess programme to encourage students to play at the Basketball Court. Students are able to loan the PE equipment, such as the skipping rope and the hula hoop, which will ultimately help them improve their motor skills, fitness and general well-being. By playing games with friends, it will also help build friendship and teamwork. Through unstructured play with friends, this will help to give students an avenue to enjoy themselves and at the same time leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Northoaks Olympics

 The school introduced the Northoaks Olympics to inculcate the Olympic values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence in all our students through games and sports. The Olympic values are also in line to the school’s H.E.A.R.T Values and students are encouraged to display them in their daily lives. All students recited the Northoaks Olympic Oath before the start of the school’s Olympic Carnival.




Co-Curricular Programmes

P1 Wushu & Silat Co-Curricular Programme 

The Wushu & Silat Programme aims to develop the values such as self-discipline, humility and respect to others through fun and engaging activities. By learning the culture and heritage in Wushu and Silat, students will develop their social awareness skills, which will contribute towards the promotion of racial harmony.


P2 Inline Skating Co-Curricular Programme

The P2 Inline Skating Programme aims to develop the Confidence, Coordination and Cohesion in our students through the learning of Inline Skating at the beginner’s level. It is also in-line with the Desired Outcomes of P1 and P2 Sports Education Programme (SEP) to foster the following:·

  • Skill development for personal development 
  • Pursing a healthy lifestyle through engagement in sports actvities
  • Opportunity to discover their ability and talent
  • Reinforcing the key school HEART values for life-long learning
  • Team building, social interaction and integration through experiential learning


P3 Modular CCA 2017

The school has embarked on a Modular CCA to support the holistic development of the students. In this Modular CCA, classes are rotated among the 5 modular CCAs in the year and this better enables students to Explore, Experience and Discover their interests and talents in the different CCA domains. Exposing students to a broad base of co-curricular experiences is important as this would allow them to discover what they are better at and enjoy doing so that they can make a more informed choice when they move on to P4. This approach also allows CCA teachers to observe and identify talents. The Modular CCA for our P3 students will also develop specific Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes, as well as develop character and social emotional skills.


STOMP aims to provide students the opportunity to create a variety of musical rhythmic patterns in a group setting using hand percussion instruments. They will also be taught to experiment with novel and creative ways to create beats and rhythms using everyday items such as pots and pans, bins, etc. At the end of the programme, the students will be able to create rhythmic music, play an en­semble and stage a performance.


Ethnic Fusion Dance

The Ethnic Fusion Dance aims to equip students with social emotional competencies and to develop their awareness for racial harmony. The programme includes learning of basic techniques of each ethnic dance, as well as Hip Hop. Through pair and group work, students will also gain knowledge of dance elements such as, space, levels, rhythms, shapes, expressions and themes.

Visual Art

The Visual Arts CCA aims to enhance the visual arts experience of our students through exposure to mixed media sculpture making. Students will have an enjoyable experience learning how to create animal sculptures using recyclable materials, and also texturing and rendering their creations using acrylic paints.


Multi Sports

The Multi Sports CCA aims to provide students the platform to learn Floorball & Frisbee skills in a fun and recreational way. Basic skills and techniques of the sport are taught before students move on to Game play. Game play enables students to develop game sense and enhance their tactical understanding of the sport. In the course of the CCA, individual and group activities will be conducted to instil in students the importance of self-discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.


Environment & Outdoor

The Environment & Outdoor CCA aims to raise in students the awareness and understanding of environmental issues and instils in them a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the environment. In the course of the CCA, students would be working collaboratively in teams to learn experimentation skills, orienteering skills and outdoor cooking to accomplish tasks. These activities also seek to develop character values such as confidence, courage, responsibility and resilience.


P4 Co-Curricular Activities


Northoaks Wushu is dedicated in developing our young talents in the discipline of Chinese martial arts and mould them into confident, self-disciplined and tenacious sports person. They will undergo CCA training in various Wushu techniques that challenge and condition their bodies and minds.

Teacher in-charge: ·        
  • Mr Bryan Mai* ·         
  • Mdm Yuan Mei Zhen ·         
  • Ms Jacqueline Oh



The Floorball CCA aims to nurture student’s interest and passion for the game of floorball as they learn the basic skills and rules of the sport. It involves the use of lightweight plastic sticks and balls and is accompanied by safety rules that make the game enjoyable for students. This territorial game aims to promote healthy recreation, teamwork, communication, hand-eye coordination and overall sportsmanship. It also provides a good platform for our students to practice and demonstrate our HEART values in school.

Teacher in-charge: ·        
  • Mr Patrick Low* ·         
  • Mr Mohamad Rizal ·         
  • Mrs Juliana Lee

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble, an extension of STOMP Modular CCA, is a musical ensemble which consists of various percussion instruments such as timpani, conga, bongo, xylophones, marimba, various auxiliary instruments and many more. Students are trained by trained instructors to perform music as a group using these instruments. Lessons include various beats and rhythms to be played on different instruments and students are given the opportunity to play different instruments too. This CCA aims to instil discipline, teamwork and confidence in our students through the art of making music.

Teacher in-charge: ·        
  • Mdm Faznim Nazir ·         
  • Mdm Nur Hidayu ·         
  • Miss Rochelle Loo

The Eco-Team

The students participate actively in their weekly CCA. The learning experiences include investigative projects in The Curious Garden, Fieldtrips and other hands-on activities to equip them with relevant knowledge and skills to enhance their understanding on various environmental issues.

Teacher’s in-charge: ·        
  • Mrs Susie Lee* ·         
  • Mr Eric Tan ·         
  • Mrs Michelle Chow




The Art Club 



ICT Club

The ICT Club aims to keep students abreast with the latest knowledge on advanced technologies. Students are exposed to Coding. This helps students to develop confidence and tenacity to face the rapidly changing environment. The hands-on experiences also aim to develop students’ ability to think creatively and logically. The members undergo thinking and learning processes to create their own products.

Teacher’s in-charge: ·         
  • Mr Cyrus Poh* ·         
  • Ms Chan Bi Xuan ·         
  • Mrs Chua Chiew Yin


International Dance

The International Dance CCA aims to nurture and groom students to excel in the area of dance. Through exposure to various dance genres, we strive to spark passion in our young dancers and achieve high standards in our dance performances. During dance trainings, students learn to express themselves through dance and translate their inner feelings to body movement. Besides these, they also learn the value of tenacity and the importance of teamwork in order to perfect their dance routines.

Teacher in-charge: ·        
  • Mrs Goh Huei Minn* ·         
  • Mdm Soh Hui Leng ·         
  • Ms Nazurah