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School Events & Achievements

Hong Kong Immersion Programme, 7 to 11 March 2018

Departure from Changi Airport
Visit to Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School
Lunch with their Hong Kong buddies at the school
Enjoying their brew before the school visit!
Visit to Hong Kong Legislative Council
After a long day!
HK7.pngLessons at the school
HK10.pngVisits to the farm

Breakfast with Parents

Breakfast with Parents

Our parents are invited on a monthly (for Primary 1) or bi-monthly (Primary 2) basis to school to have breakfast with their child. Parents get to build stronger parent-child bonds and a play a part in the children’s school life. They also get to know their child’s friends and also network with other parents during these sessions.

Festive Celebrations

Chinese New Year Celebrations

This year, the school celebrated the Year of the Rooster on 27 January 2017. Together with the parents of our Primary One and Primary Two students, we ushered in the “Golden Rooster” with a two-hour concert. We enjoyed the performance items put up by our teachers, especially the hilarious skit on the customs of the Lunar New Year and were also energised by the wild “Rooster Dance” which everyone participated. The celebration ended on a high note with the performance by the external Lion Dance Troupe.  

In addition to the successful concert, we also had interesting fringe activities like our pre-assembly item on the significance of the Lunar New Year and the Chinese Zodiac, differentiated Art & Craft lessons on creating rooster-themed face masks and bookmarks as well as our customised CCE lessons on the customs of the Lunar New Year. These planned activities have helped to further enhance the students’ understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture.





Hari Raya Puasa Celebrations

Hari Raya is celebrated in the school with colourful stage performance, dance and costume parade. It was a memorable occasion as the school learnt about the customs and traditions of Hari Raya, which helped in the promotion of Racial Harmony.

Hari Raya_1.png

Hari Raya_2.png

Deepavali Celebrations

The school celebrated Deepavali on 25 October 2017. The objectives of the Deepavali celebration was to provide a better understanding of the customs and traditions by the Hindus and to promote racialharmony. The whole show was presented by Primary 4 student emcees. Aishwarya (4J) presented a classical dance and the crowd was mesmerised by her elegant dance movements. A golden touch, rounding off the joyous celebration was a colourful Mass Dance led by our teachers.All for one and one for all!



Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day is commemorated annually on 15 February to mark the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. Our students learn about the importance of be prepared and playing a part in the 5 defences of Social, Economic, Psychological, Military and Civil Defence. They are reminded that Singapore is worth defending and as Singapore Citizens, we ourselves must defend our country.

This year, our students also experienced food eaten during the war times and learnt about the importance of always being prepared. They learnt simple first aid skills, knowledge about being vigilant and the meaning of being one united people. 






International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day was commemorated on 7 April, 3rd working Friday of Term 2. In conjunction with this year’s theme on ASEAN 50, a spectrum of exciting activities was conducted in the classrooms and during recesses to enhance pupils’ understanding of Singapore’s relations with her neighbouring countries in the past 50 years. Through the various activities, we hope to nurture in our pupils the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people, which brings about social cohesion and harmony.



Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day 2017

This year, the theme for Racial Harmony Day is The Singapore Way. Through the RHD activities, we hope our pupils will be able to understand the importance of racial harmony in Singapore. We encourage them to make friends with people of other races and religions, and to appreciate the diversity of cultures in SingaporeThe one-week RHD activities include an assembly sharing with students the rationale of commemorating Racial Harmony Day, performance by our students (Kuai Ban, Dikit Barak etc) and fashion parade by teachers showcasing the costumes of the various ethnic groups in Singapore.The students also have the opportunities to watch live cookingdemonstration and get to sample ethnic food from the various racial groups during recess and lunch (e.g. Teh Tarik, muruku, malay kueh, tang yuan etc).

Last but not least, students played traditional games in the school hall during recess. These traditional games include hopscotch, zero point, pick up sticks, Five Stones, Kuti kuti and Capteh

Truly The Singapore Way!






National Day

National Day

Every year, all schools in Singapore commemorate National Day to mark Singapore’s separation from Malaysia and our emergence as an independent country. In Northoaks Primary, the National Day Celebrations consists of three parts; Curricular Engagement, Observance Ceremony and Celebratory Activities. This year, our school achieved a new milestone by getting students to lead the entire school in the Observance Ceremony. It was a proud moment for both the parade commander and the school.

National Day_1.png

“Kawalan Bendera, masuk Baris!” proudly commanded by our student parade commander, Chong Yi Ting from class 4C.
After the Observance Ceremony, the school went into full swing to celebrate the nation’s 52nd birthday. The whole school and our MK@Northoaks students sang a medley of National Day songs and were treated with stage performances and quizzes. The students were engaged with exciting classroom activities according to different levels:

                                                                                P1: Building my Singapore using Lego

                                                                                P2: “What will I do make a better Singapore?”

                                                                                P3: A United Singapore through Cheers!

                                                                                P4: Harmonious Singapore through Poetry

At the end of the day, the students have truly enjoyed themselves and have learnt about the importance and significance of National Day. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!                                         

National Day_2.png

National Day_3.png

Open House

Open House 2017

The Open House is an annual event which welcomes members of the public to know more about the school and its programmes. It is also a showcase of what our students have learnt.

We welcome you to visit Northoaks Primary to find out more about us!

Open house12.png

Open house2.png

Open house3.png

Open house4.png

Open house5.png

Open house6.png

Open house7.png

Open house8.png

Open house9.png

Open house10.png

Open house11.png

Click the link below for photos of our Open House 2017

Open House 2017

Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of October. In the celebrations this year, amidst the fun, the school wants to increase children’s social awareness of how to deal with people with some disabilities. On this day, the teachers facilitated a classroom discussion on the challenges faced by the less fortunate children and how they can help them overcome or manage some of their challenges.  

They also took part in the Sharity Elephant Donation Drive and Toy Buffet to help the needy children. Through these activities, the school hoped to cultivate the values of empathy, appreciation and respect. 

During the concert organised by the teachers, the children enjoyed an eventful and meaningful day of fun-filled activities. The efforts on helping the less fortunate continued after the celebrations as students contributed generously to the toy collection. They even set up a booth to distribute the toys to the less fortunate children. This is the children’s way of contributing back to the society.





Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day

The Teachers’ Day celebrations did not start on the day itself, it started a few weeks before the special day where all students showed their gratitude for teachers. Some students drew creative caricatures of their teachers as tokens of appreciation and some students got together to prepare delightful items for the Teachers’ Day concert.On the Teachers’ Day, students gathered in the school hall to play inter-class team games with their form teachers and subject teachers. After the team games, teachers were invited to enjoy the concert performance specially prepared by the students for them. The teachers were happy and appreciative of the efforts that the students put in!

teacher day_1.png

teacher day_2.png

teacher day_3.png

teacher day_4.png

teacher day_5.png

Cyber Wellness Week

Cyber Wellness Week

Cyber Wellness Week was planned to reinforce the importance of being a responsible digital learner and to remind students about Cyber Wellness habits. The students helped Northoaks Cyber Town which was plagued with cyber issues to restore order through the designed activities. 

CW Week1.png

CW Week2.png



Our students' achievements are celebrated annually during ACORN Day. Parents of prize winners are invited to attend the simple ceremony in school. The performances from Wushu, International Dance and Percussion Ensemble entertained the students and the parents.

Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day

Our Executive & Administration Staff (EAS) and Parents Support Group (PSG) are thanked for their contributions to the school. Students show their appreciation to our non-teaching members of the community through this simple ceremony. Students are reminded to be grateful to all the people who have contributed to their learning. 

School Opening 2016

Northoaks Primary School was officially opened by Dr Lim Wee Kiak PBM, Adviser to Canberra Grassroots Organisations on Friday, 16 September 2016.

The theme for the Official Opening Ceremony, ‘Into the Woods’, symbolises the school’s journey in becoming a member of the Sembawang community.

Our talented students performed in the Handchime, Percussion (STOMP!) and Angklung ensembles, danced to ethnic fusion music and exhibited their Silat and Wushu martial arts skills. The children from MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks also joined in the celebrations.

The ceremony culminated in a finale performance where the students and teachers sang to the tune of ‘Sayang Sembawang’, a specially commissioned song written by Mr Ng Tzee Weng. The song is a gift from the school to the Sembawang community.



School Green Awards 2017

The school has been awarded the top level School Green Awards (SGA) Lotus Award this year. The Singapore Environment Council-StarHub SGA serves as a platform for students to develop and showcase their environmental efforts through school programmes and activities. 
The school’s environmental efforts led by the Primary 4 CCA ECO Team included projects such as Recycling@Northoaks, Water and Energy Saving Project, planting a diversity of plants in The Curious Garden, EM Composting, Outreach student-led sharing sessions and others. These projects have helped students gain better understanding of the environment and motivated them to take on the role of advocacy in initiating and leading environmental projects within and beyond the school.

green award1.png
Student and teacher representatives from the ECO-Team received the award at the SGA Award Ceremony on 8 November 2017

16th Elementz Science Project Competition & Exhibition 2017

The school congratulates the following two teams of students on their outstanding achievements in in attaining the Silver Award in the 16th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition held on 24 and 26 July 2017 at Anderson Secondary School. Both teams tenaciously worked on Environment and Health Science-related investigative projects and made insightful findings to provide new perspectives to the problems investigated.

Kyaw Zwe Han, Kayne Wong Jia Je, Rajamohan Zhivani Shi and Siti Faeqa Binte Shazerin (Team Leader) investigated on the effectiveness of the zero electricity air cooler.
“Are Healthier Choice Snacks Indeed A Healthier Choice?” was the focus question for the team with Ooi Kai Yuan Nigel, Lai Wai Lun, Tan Yu Rou (Team Leader) and Reygan Low Cheng En.

9th Super Outdoor Adventure Race National Challenge 2017

Outdoor 1.png

On 7th April 2017, the school sent  a team of four students to compete in the 9th Super Outdoor Adventure Race National Challenge. The team was required to work together to compete and problem solve a series of physically challenging tasks. The school is honoured to clinch the 5th Placing.

outdoor 2.png
Working together to pitch a tent.
“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not by listening  to words  by experiences in the environment” – Dr Maria Montessori