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Principal's Message

principal.jpgIt was with much pride to say that 2016 has been a good year for Northoaks Primary School. We had a fantastic year with the successful official opening of the school. Team NKPS pit their efforts together to put up a great show for the opening, much to the enjoyment of guests invited to witness this memorable event of the school.

There were many firsts in 2016 for Northoaks Primary School. We started our modular co-curricular activities for the Primary 3 students, inter-class games day and games carnival, our first student leaders investiture, staff volunteering at the Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) home, we welcomed the Kindergarten@Northoaks in 2016, and our children participating in many other activities and competitions outside of school.

This year, we welcome our fourth batch of Primary 1 students and on the first day of school, when we saw the Primary 1 students, it brought back a lot of fond memories of the first day of school back in 2014. The tiny tots with their school bags, uncertain of what to expect, with their anxious parents looking on, coming into such a big school. At the first flag-raising of the year, the sheer number of students and teachers tell us that Northoaks has grown.

The emphasis placed on character education is what we want Northoaks to be known as. We adopt the Leader in MeTM programme to teach our children to be a leader of themselves, to be proactive in learning and demonstrating the school core values. All the children in Northoaks go through this programme and there are opportunities provided for them to be self-leader – taking charge of themselves first and be proactive in learning, doing things with the end in mind. The school provides opportunities for the students to demonstrate leadership like the Primary 3 students assigned as buddies to the Primary 1 students, the Primary 3 and 4 students helping the kindergarten children, and some students from across Primary 1 to Primary 4 given the opportunity to lead the school in pledge-taking in the four different languages in the morning.

Other than the Leader in MeTM programme, we want to instil in our children the school core values of H.E.A.R.T – Honesty, Empathy, Appreciation, Respect and Tenacity.  Every student in the school knows the school core values and what they mean. Moving forward, the school would want the children to be more proactive in living the school core values and role-modelling the good behaviour of a Northoaks student. 

On-going efforts to make the learning environment more vibrant is still undertaken. In 2016, we added the Innovation Space in preparation for the Curriculum Integration through Innovation (CI+I)@Northoaks, the Heritage Room to capture the milestones of the school as well as the history of Singapore and our yet-to-name “Curiosity” Garden for the children to grow vegetables and fruits.  The school will spare no effort in making the learning environment beyond the classroom inviting.

We would like to thank our parents, especially members from the Parent-Support Group, for their involvement in the school activities and events. Their support and presence have been a great morale booster to us, giving us the confidence that we are doing things right. Their active involvement has helped make the teachers’ work more manageable and over the last four years, we have definitely built strong bonds and friendship with many our parents and even the grandparents.

Northoaks Primary School, new we may be, but we certainly are not one that will compromise on the quality of learning for our students. My teachers and I are committed to providing each child with the opportunities to be the best he/she can be, inspiring excellence in every child, and we are committed to nurturing each child to lead and learn with HEART. 

In partnership with you,

Mrs Theresa Hong