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Applied Learning Programme

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)_ Curriculum Integration through Innovation (CI+I) 

The school has adopted Curriculum Integration through Innovation (CI+I) as its ALP to enable authentic learning by introducing real world skills with integrated academic knowledge to the students. In the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world, as challenges may swing a person to move from his/her values; CI+I provides learning opportunities for students to reconcile the want to innovate with the need to be rooted in moral principles. In the programme, students use thinking routines and the innovation protocol shown below to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life contexts.
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CI+I Learning Experiences 
Students learn the concepts of resource management under financial literacy. They understand the differences between needs and wants.
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Innovation Protocol Stage 1 & 2 – Empathise and Articulate 
Students conduct group interviews to understand needs of their users. They articulate the Point of View to describe the needs of the users by providing insights based on their findings during the interviews.

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Innovation Protocol Stage 3 – Ideate 
Students come up with as many ideas as possible before selecting the best solution. They use SCAMPER strategies to help them with the ideas. Innovation Protocol 
Stage 4 – Experiment/ Prototyping 
Students use recycled materials to build their prototypes specially designed to meet the needs of the users.

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Innovation Protocol Stage 5 – Assess Students share their prototypes, obtain feedback from their peers on the effectiveness of the prototypes
About Us_Applied Learning Programme6.jpgNew mobile phone app to improve communication among family members
About Us_Applied Learning Programme7.jpgA mechanism to wake us in the morning so that we will not oversleep.
About US_Applied Learning Programme8.jpgA morning call cum exercise regime!

About Us_Applied Learning Programme9.jpgAn arcade game built by a P1 group for their friends!
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A bilingual fairy tale created by our P3 group for their friends to improve language proficiency.