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Applied Learning Programme

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)_ Curriculum Integration through Innovation (CI+I) 

The school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Curriculum Integration Through Innovation (CI+I) aims to equip students with 21st century competencies to better prepare them to deal with the demands of the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) environment and meet global challenges in future. The programme enables authentic learning by introducing real world skills in connection with integrated knowledge. Leveraging the Design Thinking Process to engage students in their learning, the school aims to develop students’ positive dispositions towards learning and help build character such as confidence, creativity and tenacity. 

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CI+I Learning Experiences 
For lower primary, the focus is on Innovations in Play where students identify an area of interest to innovate games and toys in given real world contexts through the use of recyclable materials and application of science knowledge. At the middle primary levels, the focus is on financial literacy where students acquire the skills to come up with innovative ways of using limited resources in real-world simulations. Values Education is incorporated to guide students in making choices. At the upper primary levels, students will be taught skills to conduct research and learn about past innovators and the impacts of their innovations. After which, they will use of the Design Thinking Process to solve issues in real-life contexts.

Innovation Protocol Stage 1 & 2 – Empathise and Articulate 
Students conduct group interviews to understand needs of their users. They articulate the Point of View to describe the needs of the users by providing insights based on their findings during the interviews.

Innovation Protocol Stage 3 – Ideate 
Students come up with as many ideas as possible before selecting the best solution. They use SCAMPER strategies to help them with the ideas. Innovation Protocol

Innovation Stage Stage 4 – Experiment/ Prototyping 
Students use recycled materials to build their prototypes specially designed to meet the needs of the users.
Innovation Protocol Stage 5 
 Assess Students share their prototypes, obtain feedback from their peers on the effectiveness of the prototypes.

At the end of the 6-year CI+I programme in 2019, our students creatively applied the innovation protocol towards Singapore’s sustainability movement through upcycling. They transformed recycled materials into functional upcycled items. They presented the innovation to their peers and provided feedback to one another as well as helped others improve their innovation. The The Primary 6 classes also involved the residents in the community in making upcycled products.


Students researched on the efforts taken by Singapore in sustaining the environment.


Students used the CI+I innovation protocol and SCAMPER strategy to create more upcycled products.


Students shared their knowledge with the residents in our neighbourhood. They also taught them to make the upcycled wallets. 

Disclaimer: Some of the photos were taken during Pre-Covid times.