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Learning for Life Programme

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)_STRIVE@Northoaks

The school’s LLP, STRIVE@Northoaks is a broad-based sports and outdoor education programme that provides learning experiences that would enrich the lives of our students and develop their character. The school firmly believes that exposing every child to a good sports and outdoor education facilitates the learning of important life skills and values which are critical for the holistic development of the child. By placing the school’s HEART values at the centre, we hope that it will ignite the passion for life-long learning and inspire excellence in sports and outdoor education. With this in mind, the desired student outcomes and the 21st century competencies of STRIVE@Northoaks are as follows:

  • Team building, social interaction and integration through experiential and collaborative learning;
  • Engagement of students in adopting an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • Anchoring students in key school values for life-long learning and holistic development through sports and outdoor education to bring about the joy of learning;
  • Mastery of skills for personal development and sports excellence through meaningful experience.


The school adopts a 4E-Approach, Enrich, Educate, Excel and Empower, to cater to the different needs, interests and abilities of the students.


STRIVE@Northoaks Learning Experiences


Broadening the students’ learning experiences through a wide range of sports and outdoor activities beyond the PE curriculum.
Enrich 1- P1 Silat.JPG

Enrich 2- P1 Wushu.JPG
Wushu & Silat ProgrammeLearning values such as respect and self-discipline
Enrich 3- P2 Inline.JPG
Enrich 4- P2 Inline.JPG
Pri 2 Inline Skating ProgrammeLearning to Skate in a safe and fun way!
Enrich 5 - P3 Multi Sports.JPG
Enrich 6- P3 Outdoor Cooking.JPG
P3 Modular Enrichment : Multi-Sports P3 Modular Enrichment: Outdoor Cooking
Enrich 7A - P4 Camp 2.JPGEnrich 7 B- P4 Camp.JPG
P4 Camp: I made it!P4 Camp: Tent Pitching!
Enrich 8 - P4 Camp.JPGEnrich 9 - P4 Camp.JPG
Team WorkFlying Fox!
Enrich 10 - P5 Camp.jpg
Enrich 11- P5 Camp.jpg
P5 Camp: Laser QuestP5 Camp: Balancing Act
Enrich 12 - P5 Camp.jpg
Enrich 13 - P5 Camp.jpg
Game ChallengeCombat Archery Tag


A progressive PE curriculum for all students

Educate 1- PE Gymnastics.jpg
Educate 1B - Gymnastics.JPG
Balancing in GymnasticsLet’s crawl through the tunnel!
Educate 1C-Swimming.JPG
Educate 1D - Fundamental Movement Skills.JPG
I found my goggles!Fundamental Movement Skills
Educate 1E- Skipping is Fun.JPG
Educate 2 - Health Week.JPG
Skipping is Fun!Health Week
Educate 3- Health Week.JPG
Educate 4- Learning about Health through interactive activities.jpeg
Making Healthier Food ChoiceInteractive activity on Health 


Platforms for students to pursue a mind-set of excellence in sports

Excel 1- Floorball.JPG
Excel 2 - Wushu.JPG
Doing our best in Floorball CCAExcellence Mind-set in Wushu CCA 
Excel 2A Netball_Speed and agility.jpg
Excel- 3.JPG
Speed & Determination in SportsAssembly Talk by HOD PE/CCA on Sportsmanship 
Excel 3A- Olympics.JPG
Excel 4- Olympics.JPG
Northoaks Olympic OathLower Primary Games: I Can Balance!
Excel 5 - Olympics.JPG
Excel 6- Olympics.JPG
P3 Games: Captain’s BallP4 Games: Floorball Competition
Excel 8 - Olympics.JPG
Excel 9 - Olympics.JPG
P5 Games: VolleyballP6 Games: Frisbee


Empower students with leadership roles and responsibilities in their development of sports

Empower 1.jpeg
Empower 2.jpeg
Students borrow sports equipment from the school during Active RecessStudents take charge of their health by playing games during Active Recess