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Head of Department

Head of Department - English
Mdm Noor Alinah bte Ismailnoor_alinah_ismail@moe.edu.sg
 (SSD covering HOD - English Language) 
Head of Department - Mathematics
 Miss Valerie Tantan_hui_ling_valerie@moe.edu.sg 

 Head of Department - Science 
 Miss Khoo Kar Hoekhoo_kar_hoe@moe.edu.sg
 Head of Department -Mother Tongue 
Ms Ong Sir Yan ong_sir_yan@moe.edu.sg
 Head of Department - PE & CCA 
 Mr Jasni bin Mahmood Jasminjasni_mahmood_jasmin@moe.edu.sg
Head of Department - Character & Citizenship  
 Miss Tan Poh Chingtan_poh_ching@moe.edu.sg
 Head of Department - Infocomm Technology 
 Mr Toh Kian Chongtoh_kian_chong@moe.edu.sg
 School Staff Developer  
Mdm Noor Alinah bte Ismail noor_alinah_ismail@moe.edu.sg
 Level Head - Mother Tongue 
 Miss Queck Mei Huiqueck_mei_hui@moe.edu.sg

 Level Head - Character and Citizenship

Mdm Saedah bte Saad

 Year Head (Upper Primary) 
 Mrs Lim Mei Leng

Year Head (Middle Primary)

Mr Thamilselvan s/o Narayasamy

Year Head (Lower Primary)

Ms Wong Siew Yin Anne