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Principal's Message

How time flies! This is the 5th Year of Northoaks Primary School. It is always with great excitement as we welcome each new year.

In 2018, we will see many firsts. We have taken over the administrative work of the MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks as well as all other matters relating to the kindergarten in 2018. With the kindergarten coming under our umbrella, there are greater opportunities for collaboration and synergy as we now share resources and can plan programmes that will benefit children from the age of 5 to 12!

2018 is also the year that we are sending our performing arts groups – the International Dance and Percussion Ensemble for the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. Our children look forward to the Arts Presentation and have been preparing for them.

Character Education remains the focus of the Northoaks Education. The emphasis placed on character education is evident in our programmes and efforts. The Leader in MeTM programmes, our Project HEART fortnight, our Values@Pre-assembly are some of the efforts the school undertakes to inculcate in every child the 7 habits as well the core values of the school. The school creates the opportunities for students to be self-leader – taking charge of themselves first and be proactive in learning, doing things with the end in mind. The school provides opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership like selected Primary 1 students leading the school in pledge-taking every morning, the Primary 3 students assigned as buddies to the Primary 1 students at the beginning of the year, and students from Primary 2 and 3 as student ambassadors during the visits by the kindergartens.

The school wants to instil in each child the school core values of H.E.A.R.T – Honesty, Empathy, Appreciation, Respect, Tenacity and spares no effort in doing so. The school hopes that with the values inculcation efforts integrated into the lessons and planned for the students, students will be proactive in living the school core values and role-modelling the good behaviour of a Northoaks student.

In 2017, we are pleased that our Curriculum Integration through Innovation (CI+I) was given the recognition by the Ministry of Education as the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) of the school. Students were introduced to the innovation protocol and came up with creative ideas to a problem.

All these that the school has done will not be possible without the strong support from our parents. Our Parent-Support Group (PSG), in particular, has been very supportive of many of our programmes. Our parents’ presence and support have been a great morale booster and give us the confidence that we are doing things right. Parents’ involvement and support have definitely helped make the teachers’ work more manageable as we continue to plan exciting and engaging programmes for the children.

Once again, we look forward to another exciting year ahead and together with my teachers, we will continue to inspire excellence in every child, and nurture each child to lead and learn with HEART.

Mrs Theresa Hong