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Principal's Message


Northoaks Primary School started in 2014 and in 2016, the school community expanded with the set-up of MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks.  Over the past years, the school has grown and has celebrated many milestones and achievements.  These are testimony to the dedication of the staff of the school as well as the strong support of our parents and partners.  It is my privilege to take over the baton of leadership from its first Principal, Mrs Theresa Hong, and to join the school community in the next lap of its journey.


In Northoaks Primary, we believe in developing students who are deeply rooted in the school’s core values of honesty, empathy, appreciation, respect and tenacity (HEART).  These values serve as a moral compass for each child to be able to Lead and Learn with HEART.  We also believe that every child has the ability to Grow and Glow and that they learn best when they encounter learning as a meaningful and joyful experience.  As a school, we support our children by providing a total curriculum that enriches and stretches each child to the best of his/her potential.  In doing so, we help them discover their strengths, and acquire the skills, values, and dispositions to pursue their dreams and contribute back to the community. 

My staff and I will build upon the progress the school has made.  We will continue to nurture the strong culture of care that exists in the school community; we will continue to do our utmost to inspiring and grow each child; and we will do this is in close partnership with our parents and community partners.


I look forward to an exciting 2021.


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