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School History

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Northoaks Primary School started in 2014. The school aims to provide a holistic and meaningful education with character building as the focal point for every child who enters the school. With its first batch of teachers, the school envisioned our students to be leaders who learn and lead with HEART. HEART stands for our core values - Honesty, Empathy, Appreciation, Respect and Tenacity.

Every child matters at Northoaks Primary School. The name of the school conjures up an image of a forest full of oaks which are strong, tall, beautiful and unique. With a safe, respectful, caring and positive learning environment, our children at Northoaks too will grow to possess these similar qualities. With a sprawling school ground and lush greenery around the school, we envisage Northoaks Primary to be a school within the garden – where every child is like a young plant, passing through the hands of the teacher as a gardener, nurturing every child and taking the responsibility for the development of the individual child.

On 16 September 2016, Northoaks Primary School was officially opened by Dr Lim Wee Kiak, PBM, Adviser to Canberra Grassroots Organisations. The theme for the Official Opening Ceremony, ‘Into the Woods’, symbolises the school’s journey in becoming a member of the Sembawang community.

More than 170 of our talented students performed in the Handchime, Percussion (STOMP!) and Angklung ensembles, danced to ethnic fusion music and exhibited their Silat and Wushu martial arts skills. The children from MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks also joined in the celebrations.

The ceremony culminated in a finale performance where the students and teachers sang to the tune of ‘Sayang Sembawang’, a specially commissioned song written by Mr Ng Tzee Weng. The song is a gift from the school to the Sembawang community.

As the school continues to grow and glow, the school remains committed to its purpose of serving the Sembawang community by providing our students with a balanced and well-rounded education through instilling the core values in our students, igniting the love for learning and inspiring excellence.