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The Art Club is, and has always been, the CCA of choice for students with the love and passion for the Visual Arts. Our members get to enjoy an enriching experience as they learn art theories and put these theories to good use in the creation of their own artworks using various media such as Ceramics, Mixed Media Sculpturing and painting. They also have the opportunity to get inspirations from professional artists and other student artists, and take part in external events such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and other external competitions.


Our Art Club members working closely as a team to create different food using recyclable materials.
Our Art Club members exploring using different recyclable materials (eg. Toilet paper core) to create various creative ornaments.


In Term One 2021, our members were engaged in an artistic journey to create artworks for eventual submission to the SYF 2021 Art Exhibition. From the brainstorming of ideas, to the prototyping and the creation of the actual artworks, these students have lived up to the school values of tenacity and persevered right to the end.

 During the CCA session in Term 2 Week 1, our members presented their artwork with great clarity and confidence to their friends, teachers and the School Leaders during the CCA session. The artworks subsequently received rave reviews from the School Leaders and students too.

 All these completed artworks were also exhibited in the school (at the Spiral Staircase) from 26 March to 1 April 2021 as part of the Health & Aesthetics Week event to create awareness of our students’ participation in this nationwide exhibition and also to motivate all our students (not just our Art Club members) to have an even greater love for art.

Our Art Club members brainstorming ideas for their SYF artwork.
Our Art Club members synergising to work towards the completion of their group ceramics sculpture
Our Art Club members presenting their completed artworks to the School Leaders, Mr Cher and Mrs Hee, and the HOD PE/CCA, Mr Jasni, during one of the CCA sessions in Term 2.
Our students visiting the SYF Exhibition in the school compound.


Mr Ang Kok Leong (Main Teacher in-charge)

Mdm Shereena

Mrs Siva