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The ECO Team is made up of student-environment enthusiasts who champion the efforts of the school in conserving the environment within and beyond the school. In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), the ECO team forms the Eco-Schools committee. The team is engaged in learning and tackling real-life environmental issues such as recycling of waste, water and energy and cultivating biodiversity in the school. Opportunities such as assembly talks, energy and water campaigns and celebration of World Water Day, are provided for the team to raise awareness in students of man’s impact on the environment thereby encouraging them to play their part in conserving the environment. The team also conducts sharing sessions to engage the community beyond the school in recycling projects.   

Leading Others


ECO Team members gave assembly talks to their peers to raise their awareness on environmental conservation. 


ECO Team members shared what they have learnt about recycling efforts with the MOE Kindergarten@Northoaks and their parents.

Recycling Efforts

ECO team is involved in recycling materials such as paper, plastic, metals and even food waste.


Energy and Water Projects

The ECO team monitored the energy and water conservation efforts by each class. Congratulatory certificates designed by the ECO team were awarded to classes for their efforts in conserving energy and water.


Cultivating Biodiversity and Enriching the School’s Learning Environment


Learning On Behalf of Others

ECO team went on Learning Journeys to learn from others about environmental challenges.


With the immense effort made by the ECO team in driving environmental education and efforts in 2017, the school was awarded the Lotus Award by the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC). 


World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

In taking on the role of the Eco-Schools committee, the ECO team promotes a culture of environmental sustainability within and beyond the school. The school has been awarded the prestigious Bronze award by World Wide Fund for Nature in 2017. 



Conducting an eco-review with Mr Subra (Operation Manager) to find out more on how to improve the school’s green environment.


Designing posters to raise awareness on environmental conservation.


Doing their part for EM Composting


Preparing for Assembly talk on Recycling.


Growing and developing our very own ‘Curious Garden’!


Weekly weeding and cultivating our ‘Curious Garden’ is definitely not an easy task, but the students enjoy it.


Members designing Earth Day bookmark to pledge their efforts in protecting the earth.


Members went to the Science Centre for a Mindfest workshop which focuses on energy conservation.


Members making their own “roller coaster” using recycling materials as part of the activity conducted by the Science Centre.

Teachers in-charge:

  • Mr Eric Tan* (eric_tan_aik_hong@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mrs Siva
  • Miss Faith Yee
  • Mrs Michelle Chow