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The Environment Science Club was established in January 2017. It is made up of environment enthusiasts who champion the school’s efforts in conserving the environment within and beyond the school. In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), the Environment Science Club forms the Eco-schools committee. The team is engaged in learning and tackling real-life environment issues such as recycling of waste, conservation of water and energy and cultivating biodiversity in the school.

Opportunities such as assembly talks, energy and water campaigns and celebration of World Water Day are provided for the team to raise awareness in students on man’s impact on the environment thereby encouraging them to play their part in conserving the environment. The club also conducts sharing sessions to engage the community beyond the school in recycling projects.  

Students are also tasked to engage the community to promote upcycling and work towards Environment sustainability. Our members have been advocating Environment education to members of the public through various engagements.  


Mr Eric Tan Aik Hong (teacher-in-charge)

Ms Faith Yee Xue Ying

Mdm Cecilia Ang Ping Ping

Mrs Chow-Choo Chai Leng

2019 Community Outreach Programmes

The Environment Science Club hopes to engage our community in the efforts to sustain our environment. They value every opportunity to communicate with others on the shared goal of making our environment sustainable. Some examples of our outreach programmes are listed below:

Tray Return Campaign @ Kampung Admiralty

Environment Science Club student ambassadors have collaborated with the CCE department to partner with NTUC Foodfare to reach out to the community at Admiralty’s hawker centre to promote and educate the residents on the importance of self-tray returning.

Club members engaged in a short conversation to highlight the purpose behind tray return campaign.Club members talk to the public on the importance of tray return.

2019 Earth Day @ Marina Barrage

Environment Science Club members participated in the annual EarthFest held in Marina Barrage. During this outreach, our members were able to promote Northoaks’s environment education as well as educating members of the public. Some of our members got a chance to present their learning to their family members as well.

The former President (class of 2019) of Environment Science Club leading younger members for her presentation. She presented the project to her family members with enthusiasm.
She also presented to the public on the team’s new prototypeWeng Yin (class of 2019), another president of the Environment Science Club presented the project alongside with his junior member. The visitors were impressed with the presentation.
 7.jpgOther members also presented the findings of the project to a visitor to the booth. 

2019 Canberra Day @ Sembawang

Environment Science Club members and student helpers from the Friend of Singha project (CCE, ViA) were invited by Sembawang GRC to promote Northoak’s environment education. Both groups used recycled materials to promote Northoaks’s upcycling efforts. Our Eco-team leaders were actively educating Sembawang residents on how to upcycle plastic bottles into a “self-watering” garden. One of our student ambassadors showed Dr Lim Wee Kiak (MP for Sembawang GRC) our upgraded version of “self-watering” garden. They innovated the bottled garden using Design Thinking protocols in their creation. 

Environment Science members presented a mini project on bottled garden.Environment Science members presented the findings to the public.
Environment Science members presenting to Member of Parliament of Sembawang, Dr. Lim Wee Kiak. Dr. Lim and our two presenters in a photoshoot. 

 A group photo with Dr. Lim.Environment Science Club members presenting to Northoaks’s School Advisory Committee members 

2019 Hosting China Schools in collaboration with NEA

Environment Science Club has collaborated with NEA to co-host visitors from China. Students presented on Northoak’s Environment Education confidently to the visitors from the four visiting schools. The visitors also shared their school’s environment education with us. After the sharing, our student ambassadors took the visitors to tour our school environment and thereafter co-hosted an upcycling workshop to the staff and students from China.

Our former principal, Mrs Hong welcomed our visitors with her speech. Our visitors presented their environment initiatives and efforts.
 Visitors toured the school’s Eco-GardenOur visitors doing a hands-on activity on EM Compost, facilitated by Mr Eric.  
 18.JPG 19.JPG
 Ms Faith and our member assisted the visitors to upcycle a coin purse. The facilitator from NEA helped another group on the activity.

2019 Our Recognitions as an Eco-school

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – Green Flag Award 2019 (International)

With sustained practices in the school, Northoaks clinched the first Green Flag awarded by WWF Singapore among the primary school category. This is a recognition given to the school by WWF and it is recognized internationally.

Northoaks Primary School became the first and only primary school in Singapore to receive this prestigious international award (Green Flag) from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Singapore Environment Council - Sustained Yellow Flame Award 2019 (National)

After years of collaborative efforts among the school population, our school has clinched the sustained yellow flame awarded by Singapore Environment Council. This has been another recognition of our green efforts in the school.

2021 Post-covid CCA Sessions

In view of Safety Management Measure (SMM) guidelines, the planning committee has tried our best to ensure the safety of our students. Students are required to wear their mask and maintain a safe distance even when they are collaborating together before the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

Poster Design Competition

As we try to re-focus our Environment efforts in 2021, one activity suggested by current CCA members was to redesign our CCA logo. The logo was designed by teachers when we started the CCA in 2017. Thus, we held a poster designing competition in January 2021. 

Students designing new CCA logo with SMM guidelines in place.Natalie (4D) designing her CCA logo. 

At the end of the competition, we merged the ideas of different designs and came up with the logo as shown below.

This logo was designed by Khashifa Mu'Azah Binte Mohamed Nurazimi and Ethan Wong Wai Hin from 6 Angsana (2021).

Logo description: NKPS Environment Science Club has been fulfilling their duties in preserving nature. The potted plant represents the developing team. The arrows represent the three Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The earth represents the nature the team is protecting.

Eco-brick Workshop

The team decided to work on Eco-bricks as part of our school-wide Environment project. Eco bricks are a simple, low-tech solution to our plastic waste that follows the Earth’s ancient example in carbon care. Eco-bricks enable us to take personal responsibility for the plastic that we’ve consumed by keeping it out of the environment. Eco bricks will also put our plastic to good use in the short and long term applications that contribute to sustainability of the environment. One long term goal for the club is to gather enough bricks to make a small stool, table or other furniture for use in our school in the near future. The making of Eco-bricks using waste papers reduces the amount of papers wasted in the school. Moving forward, the school will look into Eco-bricks made from used plastic. 

Students testing out the durability of the Eco brick which that made. 

 Recycle Paper Making Workshop

Reducing and upcycling waste papers has always been the team’s top priority in our mission to sustain Environment efforts in the school. We engaged professional trainers to train our members to recycle waste papers and to make them into a gift card.

Mr Eric tested the durability of the brick too! An alternate to the materials used in the Eco brick is waste papers.
29.jpg Trainer teaching students how to sieve the paper pulps.
Students received their final product after the workshop. 
 Our CCA leaders presenting the hand written gift card made from recycled paper to our Principal, Mr Cher and HOD PE/CCA, Mr Jasni.  
 34.jpegAn example of the gift card presented to Mr Cher.