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ICT Club

The Northoaks ICT Club enriches the students’ learning experiences by providing them with opportunities to express their thoughts and ideas. These opportunities involve students in projects and competitions.

The club provides training in Coding, Drones Programming and Videography.

Coding and Drones Programming

Students in the ICT Club learn to use the Scratch coding software in Primary 4. They gain the knowledge of different programming functions and create simple coding sequences.  In Primary 5, the students learn to programme drones using the Swift Playground application. Using the application, students learn to programme the flight sequence before syncing it to the drones to check the accuracy.

 Students are amazed by their success in drones operation Students are excited to fly their drones 
A Flight plan for drone operation.Flying the drone over an obstacle.

Video Production 

Students also learn video production skills. At Primary 4, students are introduced to a variety of technical skills using the iPad. They also learn the fundamentals of post-production using the Video Maker Software which is available in the Windows 10 suite. As they progress to Primary 5, students learn to use DSLR cameras. Students are encouraged to explore different ways to present their ideas. The students’ creativity is further developed in Primary 6.  Students work together in groups on a video project to reinforce their video production skills. Students learn the importance of collaboration through the training activities.

Students practice their image capturing skills using digital devices.Something above captured their attention.
Students present their storyboard to their peers.Students use the DSLR camera to film.Students doing post production.

Widening our horizons 

The students took part in external competitions so that they can apply their learning during the ICT Club CCA.

The following is the achievement in the Drone Odyssey Challenge organized by the Singapore Science Centre. 


Drone Odyssey Challenge 2019

  • National Champion Mambo Drones (Primary Category)

Drone Odyssey Challenge 2020

  • Best Flying Award (Primary Category)


Teachers’ in-charge:

Mr Cyrus Poh

Mrs Chua Chiew Yin

Mdm Nazurah