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ICT Club

The ICT Club aims to keep students abreast with the latest knowledge on advanced technologies. Students are exposed to coding using the Scratch coding software at Primary 4, and programming drones through the Tynker application at Primary 5. This equips students with confidence and tenacity to face the rapidly changing technology environment.


Students also journey on Video Production modules. In their introduction level year, Primary 4 students undergo experiential learning, where they are introduced to a variety of technical skills and techniques in building a rich foundation. They explore these concepts through filming on the Apple iPad, and try their hand on the fundamentals of post-production in Windows Movie Maker. As they progress to the Intermediate module in Primary 5, students challenge limitations of what they have previously learnt. Students are encouraged to create works of their own visual styles, engaging the use of DSLR cameras and post production software Adobe Premiere Pro.


The many hands-on experiences aim to develop students’ ability to think creatively and logically. Members are stimulated to undergo thinking and learning processes in creating their own products.


Teachers in-charge:

  • Mr Cyrus Poh*
  • Mrs Chua Chiew Yin
  • Miss Chan Bixuan
  • Mr Ng Chan Siong