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The Netball CCA aims to foster the students’ passion and love for the sport and instil in them teamwork and sportsmanship. During games, all students play across all positions so that they can incorporate a variety of skills whilst following the rules of the game. During training, our students practice and reflect how they have demonstrated our school’s HEART values.


      Students will develop good motor skills such as running movement, balancing and ball control.

      Students will be equip with basic Netball skills and knowledge in Netball game rules

      Students will learn to play as a team and be a good team player.


Teachers in-charge:

Mrs Juliana Lee (Main teacher-in-charge)

Mdm Xu Wenli

Programme and Activities in 2021

      P4 & P5 Girls are coached by an NROC Coach

      P6 Girls are coached by Mrs Juliana Lee (CCA stand-down for P6 in Semester 2)

      Netball Development Programme NETSSPLAY 2021 (for P6s) by Singapore Sports School in April 2021

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3. Netball_Stengthening.jpg
5. Netball_Technical skills.jpg
Ball Handling SkillsStrengthening ExerciseTechnical Skills
2. Netball_Speed and agility.jpg4. Netball_Team spirit.jpg6. Netball_Training reflection.jpg
Speed and AgilityTeam Spirit!Reflection of Learning