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Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble, an extension of STOMP Modular Enrichment from Primary 3, is a musical ensemble which consists of various percussion instruments such as timpani, conga, bongo, xylophones, marimba, various auxiliary instruments. Students are trained by instructors to perform music as a group using these instruments. Lessons include various beats and rhythms to be played on different instruments and students are exposed to the different percussion instruments. This CCA aims to instil discipline, teamwork and confidence in our students through the art of making music.


Northoaks Percussion Ensemble had the opportunity to take part in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2018. After many hours of dedicated practice and rehearsals, our members finally went on stage for their first SYF performance. Our school was awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment in 2018.

Teacher in-charge:
Mdm Faznim Nazir
Mrs Mable James
Mr Sabar