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Wushu is a full-body workout which helps to improve students’ overall fitness. The gradual process of stretching enhances their flexibility. The physical exercises improve their coordination ability, as well as to gain more strength and better stamina.

However, Wushu is more than just a sport. During trainings, values such as respect, patience and tenacity are emphasized to develop students’ character which will guide their behaviour in all aspects of their life.


Chew Zi Yue (P6C) participated in National School Games Wushu Championships on 31 March 2021. Despite the challenges faced during Covid-19 pandemic, he achieved commendable results in the 4-Duan Broadsword event - 31st position.

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Can you differentiate between Jian (Swords) and Dao (Broadswords)?
    The Jian features a straight blade whereas the Dao features a curved blade.
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Training incorporates fundamental movement skills, basic hand and foot work.
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Balance training to avoid falling during advanced kicks.Mastering all the Dao techniques for competition. Practising Daoshu with the instructor.

Teachers in-charge

Mdm Yuan Meizhen (Main teacher-in-charge)

Miss Jacqueline Oh

Miss Khoo Wan Xin

Miss Lim Wan Rong