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Here in Northoaks Primary School, we believe that every single child has the inate ability to create, enjoy and appreciate art. Most important of all, we believe that every one of them has the potential to develop into passionate and confident young artists. That is why we call our art curriculum the Young Artists' Programme. 

Taking reference from MOE's new 2018 Art Syllabus, our art modules are based on the 3 broad focus areas of 'Self and Immediate Environment', 'Singapore in Past, Present and Future' and 'The World and the Region We Live in'. For each of the modules, students draw inspirations from (MOE-approved) artworks by local and international students and artists, and learn art history and theories, use media ranging from oil pastel, paint to ICT art, and create their own artworks.

The Young Artists' Programme aims to develop students with:

i) Visual Inquiry Skills to discover and explore their surroundings.
ii) ConfidenceCuriosity and Imagination and Enjoyment in art making and art discussion.
iii) Awareness and Respect for histories and cultures of key Artworks and Artists in Singapore and the World.

The following are the themes and topics for each of our art modules. Please note that items denoted with an * will only be implemented in 2019.

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THE Northoaks Art Curriculum:
Departments_Aesthetics1.jpgOur Primary 4 Young Artists creating portraits of their teachers using the collage mediaDepartments_Aesthetics2.jpgOur Primary 4 Young Artists creating Surrealist artworks using the ICT media
Departments_Aesthetics3.jpgOur Primary 1 Young Artist creating a variety of food using the clay mediaDepartments_Aesthetics4.jpgOur Primary 5 Young Artists doing a Zentangle sport-theme design during the Health & Aesthetic week 2018

Music Curriculum


Framework for Teaching and Learning in the General Music Programme (GMP)
Aim of GMP

1. Develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures.
2. Develop ability for creative expression and communication through music
3. Provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music.


Northoaks Primary School has a structured whole-school approach to implement its aesthetics learning through its 6-year progressive Music Modular Programmes entitled, HEARTbeatz. With this in mind, the objectives of HEARTbeatz are: ·
  • To support the holistic development of pupils in the Aesthetics domain through Music Appreciation. · 
  • To develop pupils in the acquisition of Handchimes, Angklung and Ukulele skills and the appreciation of pitch, rhythm and beats. · 
  • To equip our pupils in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and to reinforce the key school values of ‘H.E.A.R.T’ (Honesty, Empathy, Appreciation, Respect, Tenacity)