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English Curriculum

The English Department adopts the STELLAR (STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading) 2.0 approach in the teaching and learning of English language. STELLAR 2.0 aims to strengthen students’ foundation in both receptive and productive skills and knowledge of the language through:

       explicit teaching of grammar

       explicit teaching of oracy skills

       explicit teaching of critical and close reading skills

       strengthening the reading-writing connection, taking into account the purpose of texts

       ringfencing one period for Extensive Reading

For lower primary, each unit is structured across 2 weeks and taught in 3 stages:

       Shared Book Approach (SBA) 1: where children read a storybook (big book) with the teacher and engage in oral discussions with teacher and peers

       SBA 2: where students are taught explicitly grammar, oracy skills, critical and close reading skills, and engage in class writing, group writing and individual writing through the Modified Learning Experience Approach (MLEA)

       Differentiated Focused Lessons (DFL): which include word study lessons to strengthen word recognition skills, one reading period set aside each week to promote extensive reading and other extension activities


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Reading under the Stars (RUTS)

Reading under the Stars is an annual school event held to promote child-parent bonding through reading. The theme for RUTS 2019 was ‘Appreciation’. Students and parents were treated to a Reader’s Theatre put up by the teachers, followed by a book swap and various reading-related activities. The book swap is a hit every year, as it allowed students to swap their pre-loved books for new titles. It was encouraging to see the warm smiles on the faces of students and parents as they put away their mobile phones to unwind and read with one another. 

RUTS5.jpg RUTS3.jpg 

Active Reading Programme

The Active Reading Programme is a joint initiative between the Mother Tongue and English Departments. It aims to instill the love for reading and promote the appreciation of languages. It is also our aim to provide our students with greater access to books, and motivate them to read widely. The Book Review Booklet was launched for all students to encourage our students to read extensively. Besides promoting reading, the activities in the booklet also encourage students to reflect on the stories they have read and elicit new vocabulary.  

 Primary 3 Musical Theatre Experience

The Primary 3 students are given the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the English language through drama and music. Each year, the school organises the Primary 3 Musical Theatre Experience for our students so that they have a chance to watch a performance in a theatre. In 2019, the Primary 3 students attended a play, Jungle Book, performed by Drama Arts. They enjoyed the energetic show and were enthralled by the colourful costumes and interesting stage props.