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Learning through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) Approach

Our students learn and understand mathematical concepts using concrete manipulatives, practical pictorial examples and collaborative group work and activities. 


 Mathematics is Everywhere!

Besides their classroom-based lessons, students also get to play Math-related games to reinforce their learning through the application of Math knowledge and skills in class and also during break times.

Besides games, Math trails are also planned for our students to experience Math concept examples in real-life at home, in school and outside of school. Our students get to demonstrate mathematical skills and reasoning. Our students enjoy working in teams solving puzzles and working out complex situations.


Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) Programme

An early intervention programme which aims to help Primary 1 and Primary 2 students build a strong foundation in numeracy skills and knowledge in Mathematics. 

Mathematics ICAN Programme

The programme help students develop greater interest and confidence in Math learning and attain fluency in basic Math facts so as to build a strong foundation for their concept development. 

Mathematics Enrichment

Students who display an interest and aptitude in Mathematics are invited to participate in the Math enrichment programmes:

Entrepreneurship Programme 
Our students learn basics of entrepreneurship. They are challenged to develop higher order thinking skills, stimulate creative ways to solve non-routine problems and learn financial literacy concepts that would help them apply their Math knowledge to practical situations. 

Mathematics Competition
Selected students are also given opportunities to represent the school in local and international competitions to hone their skill, gain greater exposure to different types of questions and competitions and meet like-minded students. Students’ interest in Math will be further enhanced as they develop greater confidence in solving challenging Math problems.

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