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Learning through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) Approach

Students learn Maths using manipulatives, practical examples and collaborative group work and activities.


The Lower Primary students are assessed on their numeracy and measurement skills through mini-tests and performance tasks. Informal assessments are also carried out through topical worksheets and Maths activities.


Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) Programme

The programme aims to provide Primary 1 and Primary 2 students with a strong foundation in numeracy skills and knowledge in Mathematics. Students attend small group teaching with a specialised LSM teacher during their Maths lessons.

Mathematics is Fun!

Besides their classroom-based lessons, students also get to play Maths-related games to reinforce their learning through the application of Maths knowledge and skills.



Mathematics Workshop for Parents

The Maths Department conducts a workshop for parents annually. The workshops aim to equip parents with Maths skills and knowledge so as to support their children at home.


Mathematics Enrichment

 Our students who display an interest and aptitude in Mathematics are invited to participate in the Maths Enrichment programme where they are challenged to develop higher order thinking skills, stimulate other more creative ways to solve non-routine and interesting problems. Through this programme, students’ interest in Maths will be further enhanced and they will develop greater confidence in solving these challenging Maths problems.

Students are also given opportunities to participate in local and international competitions to hone their skill, gain greater exposure to different types of questions and competitions and meet like-minded students.