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Mother Tongue Languages


Chinese Language Curriculum

The school adopts the Modular Approach in the teaching and learning of Chinese Language. This approach uses differentiated instructions and activities to cater to the different needs of our students who come from a diverse language background.


Malay Language Curriculum

One integral feature of Malay (ML) curriculum is Differentiated Instruction (DI) and Tahap Hasil Pembelajaran (graded learning outcomes) to allow teachers to scaffold their lessons to help students learn Malay Language more effectively.


Tamil Language Curriculum

The school adopts the Differentiated Instruction (DI) within a class to meet the needs of students from varied home language backgrounds and abilities.


The Use of ICT in the Teaching and Learning of MTL

Besides classroom teaching, ICT tools are used in lessons to motivate and engage students. Students have access to learning portals such as McOnline, Xuele, Oracy Eland, e-Cekap, Namnaadi and other platforms to learn MTL.



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Buddy Reading and Learning Support Programme (MTL)

‘阅读是打开知识宝库的钥匙’ – This Chinese proverb translates to ‘Reading is the key to unlock the treasures of knowledge’. The Buddy Reading Programme aims to cultivate a reading habit in our students from young. It also allows for peer interaction and mutual learning. The Learning Support Programme (MTL) is also carried out for students who need additional support in learning the Mother Tongue Languages.


Mother Tongue Language Fortnight and Language & Cultural Camp

Through the MTL (Mother Tongue Languages) Fortnight, students are exposed to a wide range of language-related and cultural experiences and activities. These activities enable students to learn and appreciate their respective Mother Tongue Languages in a fun and exciting way.


Speech and Drama Programme

The Speech and Drama programme promotes an interest in the learning of the Mother Tongue Languages and provides students with opportunities to use the language. Every student is given the opportunity to be involved in the Speech and Drama Programme. Students get to perform during school events such as the Open House and Acorn Day (Prize-Giving Day).

Enrichment Programme

The enrichment programmes aim to instil passion and promote an interest in the learning of the Mother Tongue Languages. These programmes provide students with opportunities to acquire literary skills where ideas and feelings are emphasized and illustrated through fun-filled singing and speaking activities which help develop students’ confidence in using their Mother Tongue Language. The school aims to develop in every child a love for their Mother Tongue language and its culture and values.