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Mother Tongue Languages


Our Goals

To develop our students to be confident and effective in communicating on their Mother Tongue Languages  (MTL);
To inculcate students’ love and appreciation for their cultural heritage; and
To instill moral values and civic-mindedness in our students.

Our Approach 

Aligning to the national curriculum, our teaching resources and learning packages are designed to reinforce and enhance what students have learnt in order to give them a strong foundation in learning. 

With Assessment for Learning and Differentiated Instruction as the underpinning philosophy in our pedagogy, our teaching caters to the different needs of our students who are from diverse language backgrounds. We welcome diversity and embrace all learners. We believe that Every Child Can Learn and strive to support them in achieving their learning goals.

We see MTL as living language, and we nurture active learners who can use their MTL to communicate proficiently in everyday life. Hence, we place great emphasis on authentic learning. We believe that learning can only be meaningful when students are able to apply what they have learnt. Our activities and performance tasks provide students the opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge in authentic settings so that they can transfer this learning into their daily life.


To ignite the joy of learning and cultivate the love for MTL, our lower primary students undergo an enrichment programme which equips them with skills in oral expression. The design of its content also aims to inculcate the school core values (honesty, empathy, appreciation, respect, tenacity) through the planned activity.  

For talent development, we identify students and train them to participate in zonal, cluster and national competitions. We believe that there is talent among our students and wish to give them the platforms to explore, develop and demonstrate their talents, and expand their horizons.    

To deepen learning and develop 21st Century competencies, the school embraces technology to prepare students for the future. Our MTL teachers infuse a range of ICT tools and applications in their lessons for better engagement. We also leverage the resources and tools in Student Learning Space (SLS) to support students in their learning.



Key Programmes 


Mother Tongue Enrichment Programmes

The lower primary enrichment programme for Primary One and Two students aims to instill passion and promote interest in the learning of MTL.  The lessons are fun-filled and give students the exposure to speech and drama, singing and poem recitation. Through the lesson showcase and performances in school events, we provide opportunities for our students to gain greater confidence when they interact with others in their MTL.  

The Primary Three and Four students taking Malay Language also undergo lessons on Dikir Barat. This experience aims to encourage the use of Malay Language through the art of lyric writing, singing and performance among our Malay students.


Mother Tongue Fortnight and Cultural Camp

As cultural awareness is integral to learning of MTL, our yearly Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme provides students with the exposure of the traditional cultures to build awareness of their own heritage and strengthen their cultural identity. Students participate in a wide range of cultural and language-related activities where they learn and appreciate their respective MTL in a fun and exciting way.


Active Reading Programme

The English Language and Mother Tongue Languages Departments collaborate to design a fun and structured reading programme for our students. Every student is given a Reading Passport which contains fun activities for them to complete after reading a book. The Mother Tongue Languages Department also leverages the Class Library Programme to provide books of different genres for our students to read during their free time. We hope our students will cultivate the love and passion for reading through these activities. 

Useful Links :


www.ezhishi.net ( Primary 6)

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