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Overseas Immersion Trip 2019

A team of 8 teachers and 36 Primary 5 students has embarked on the trip to Hong Kong on 13 March 2019 and will return on 17 March 2019.  

The team will have the opportunity to learn from, and learn with the students at Taoist Association Wun Tsuen School (Hong Kong). The team will share with the Hong Kong students about the school’s environment efforts through innovation. They will sit in an Art lesson, computer lesson, STEAM project sharing and participate in a Tublock workshop.  

Besides the school experience, the team will be visiting places of cultural, historical, environment and subject-related interest such as Hong Kog Housing Authority Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong Space museum, Hong Kong Science Museum, Hong Kong History Museum, Legislative Council of Hong Kong, e-Farm, and others.  

Through this programme, we hope that the team will be more globally aware of people of different nationalities and be more appreciative of our country.
The team is all set to embark on the overseas immersion trip!


A filling Dim Sum lunch made us happy!

Hong Kong Science Museum - Forming a cloud ring through group effort.


Hong Kong Museum of History - The team learnt about the culture and history of Hong Kong.


Students observing the artefacts in the museum to find out more about the boat dwellers who lived in Hong Kong in the past.


Symphony of Lights 

Day 2 (14 March 2019) 
 We started the day with a short trek to the e-farm. We met Farmer Sandy and Farmer Augustine. They introduced and taught us how the farm reuses natural resources to cultivate organic fruits and vegetables and fishes.

Farmer Sandy got us to observe and compare the different kinds of organic crops grown by them.

Farmer Augustine showed us how they reuse food waste to grow Black Soldier Flies as food for the fishes they rear at the farm.
We were taught how to make bottle gardens using plastic water bottles. 
OLJ11.pngThe greenery and cool air at the e-farm made us happy and relaxed. 

The e-farm experience was indeed an eye-opening and interesting one for us!

Hong Kong Space Museum – The interactive exhibits demonstrate space exploration and the development of research in the area of space. We played with interactive exhibits that simulated satellite launches, docking of spacecraft, free-fall, and others.

Heritage of Mei Ho House – The tour was enriching. We learnt about the history of Hong Kong housing in the past and the revitalisation planning of the Mei Ho House. We learnt that Hong Kong is constantly making improvements in its plan to make housing affordable and more conducive for the public.

Day 3 (15 March 2019)  
School Experience at Hong Kong Taoist Association Wun Tsuen School
Wun Tsuen School provides a cross-disciplinary learning environment and realises the potential of their students. The school promotes education focusing on multi-cultures and information technology, and innovation to prepare their students for challenges of tomorrow.

Presenting souvenirs from the school to their buddies – Student explaining the significance of each souvenir to her Hong Kong school buddy.

Attending an Art lesson – Students built a tower with their buddies.
Attending an Art lesson – Students built a tower with their buddies.
Sharing of ideas by both our students and Hong Kong students on the design of the tower they built.

At the computer lesson, students were introduced to basic programming, Micro:bit. They learnt from their buddies how to programme light sensors.
Tublock workshop – Students put together Tublock pieces to make structures such as tallest tower and numbers.

Appreciation time between teachers of both schools!

The school experience benefitted both groups of students from the two schools

Hong Kong Housing Exhibition Centre

Students learnt about the development of housing and buildings from the guided tour.