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P1 Registration Matters

How many vacancies are available at Northoaks Primary School?

The number of Primary One vacancies each school will offer for the Primary One Registration Exercise will be made available in June before the registration begins. Parents can refer to Primary Schools Vacancies by Phases for information on vacancies of each school.

What are the seats allocated for each phase?

To track the vacancies at each phases, please refer to http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/admissions/primary-one-registration/vacancies

Where is the registration venue?

The registration venue will be at Northoaks Primary School premises itself. We are located at 61 Sembawang Drive, SIngapore 757622.

What are the registration dates and time?

For information on P1 registration, please refer to  https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/primary-one-registration/phases.

School Programmes

What Mother Tongue Language will be offered?

Northoaks Primary School is offering Tamil, Chinese and Malay Language.

School Hours

Will the school be single session?

All our Primary 1 to Primary 6 classes will be in the morning session for 2021.

What are the school hours like?

The school hours for Primary 1 in 2018 are as follows:

Reporting Time
Lesson Starts
School Ends
Monday & Wednesday
7.40 am
8.00 am
2.30 pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
7.40 am
8.00 am
1.30 pm

Student care Centre

Will there be Student Care Services?

The school has set up a school-based Student Care Centre (SCC) and is run by Mercu Learning Point Pte Ltd. Parents may wish to visit the MSF’s website at: http://app.msf.gov.sg/dfcs/studentcare/default.aspx for a complete list of student care services (including school-based SCCs) in Singapore.


For enquiries, is there a contact number or e-mail address that I can write to?

For any enquiries on Northoaks Primary School, you can contact us at 6753-8835 or write to northoaks_ps@moe.edu.sg.