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Active Recess

The school embarked on the Active Recess programme in 2017 to encourage students to play during recess. The programme gives students the space to interact and play with their friends.

When the programme first started, students were only able to borrow PE equipment, such as the skipping rope and the hula hoop, to use during Active Recess. In 2018, the school has expanded the playing space and equipment for use. Besides allowing the students to play Basketball at the court, students can play frisbees and football at the school field. In the near future, the school hopes to provide a wider range of sport equipment for students to borrow.

Apart from giving the students an avenue to enjoy themselves, we hope that students can continue to practise the skills that they have learnt during PE lesson. The school hopes that students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to lead an active and healthy lifestyle when they leave the school.

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Students having fun during Active Recess