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Children's Day

Children’s Day 
Children’s Day is a day to celebrate the joy of childhood. In Northoaks, students celebrated this day by participating in a series of exciting activities, performances and assembly talks. Amidst the fun, it was also our aim to increase students’ social awareness of the less fortunate children around them, as well as children with disabilities. Students participated in the Sharity Elephant Donation Drive organised by the Community Chest, and the Toy Buffet organised by Food from The Heart, where they donated their toys to the Toy Buffet generously. Some of our student leaders went to the Toy Buffet Carnival to help distribute these toys to the less fortunate children. Through these activities, students not only enjoyed themselves, but also developed the values of empathy, appreciation and respect.
School Events_Children's Day1.jpgOne of our students attempting the leopard crawl activity!
School Events_Children's Day2.jpgCheck out the fun students had on the bouncing playground!
School Events_Children's Day3.jpgNot forgetting the importance of teamwork while having fun!
School Events_Children's Day4.jpgOur teachers having fun performing to the tune of Baby Shark!
School Events_Children's Day5.jpgHighest energy level when teachers and students twirl and dance together!