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Cyber Wellness Week

As technology progresses and students gain more access to the internet, it is important to help students understand positive online behaviour and guide them to be responsible internet users. Through Cyber Wellness Week 2018, students were exposed to the three Cyber Wellness Principles – Respect for Self and Others, Safe and Responsible Use and Positive Peer Influence. Through a series of activities in and out of the classroom, students were given opportunities to showcase how they can be “Upstanders” in the cyber space to influence positive online behaviour.

School Events_Cyber Wellness Week1.jpg
Students penning their thoughts about how they can be “Upstanders”
School Events_Cyber Wellness Week2.jpgStudents looking happy writing their cyber wellness pledge!
School Events_Cyber Wellness Week3.jpgEngaging our students with ICT activities using the Ipad!
School Events_Cyber Wellness Week4.jpgAn engaging talk by our teachers during assembly on the values of cyber wellness!