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Hari Raya Puasa Celebrations

It was a fun-filled Hari Raya Puasa celebration for everyone in Northoaks. We were treated to a vibrant Malay dance put up by the students. Our spontaneous students also donned traditional costumes during the fashion parade and received thunderous cheers from their teachers and peers. Amidst the fun, students also learnt about the traditions and customs from the engaging sharing by the teacher emcees!

School Events_Hari Raya1.jpg
Our high-spirited teacher emcees sharing the traditions and customs of Hari Raya!

School Events_Hari Raya2.pngAll ready and eager to answer the quiz questions!
School Events_Hari Raya3.jpgOur talented students bringing the house down with their dance!
School Events_Hari Raya4.jpgCheck out the smiles from our performers!
School Events_Hari Raya5.jpgLook at that confidence they exude while parading in their traditional costumes!