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Hong Kong Immersion Trip

读万卷书, 行万里路
In order to attain wisdom, it is not enough merely to read books, one must be well-travelled as well.
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Northoaks Primary School – 5-Day, 4-Night Educational Trip to Hong Kong (7–11 March 2018)
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Northoaks Primary believes in bringing learning beyond the walls of the classroom. To prepare our children for the challenges of a globalised world, the first Trip for International Experience (TIE) to Hong Kong was organised for 38 Primary 5 students, accompanied by 8 teachers, from 7 to11 March 2018. Through TIE, our students were able to access learning opportunities that broadened their horizons and expanded their learning experiences beyond the shores of Singapore. The main objectives of this trip were to provide opportunities for students to experience the vibrant and unique culture of Hong Kong and to develop global awareness. The trip also aimed to inculcate in our students, Northoaks’ core HEART values of Honesty, Empathy, Appreciation, Respect and Tenacity and to inspire excellence through application of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, taught in our character development programme, The Leader In Me (TLiM). The focus of TIE is Educational Exchange. Our students had the opportunity to visit the renowned Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School, over two days. Students were exposed to a variety of classroom learning methodologies in the classroom immersion activities and were highly engaged in the social interaction and cultural exchange with the local students of the same age group.
School Events_Hong Kong Immersion Trip4.jpgAt the renowned Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School in Hong Kong

Classroom experience
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Art , ICT and English lessons

Social and cultural interaction with local students of Hong Kong
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Gift Exchange – a new friend

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The 5-day-4-night trip brought the students to various iconic places of interests that allowed them to experience the different sights and sounds of Hong Kong. The places visited include Hong Kong Science & History Museums, ‘Symphony of Lights’ @ Harbourfront Promenade, Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Heritage of Mei Ho House, Hong Kong Housing Authority Exhibition Centre, a rural farm in the New Territories and Disneyland Hong Kong (‘Y.E.S Educational Program).

School Events_Hong Kong Immersion Trip14.jpgHong Kong Housing Authority Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong Science Museum

School Events_Hong Kong Immersion Trip15.JPGOptical Illusion

School Events_Hong Kong Immersion Trip16.JPGLegislative Council of Hong Kong

School Events_Hong Kong Immersion Trip17.JPG'Symphony of Lights’ – Harbourfront Promenade

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School Events_Hong Kong Immersion Trip19.JPGOur Acorns turned tenacious Farmers

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 Appreciating the Black Soldier fly larvae and the Ecosystem
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 Pouch making with natural flowers and leaves 
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 Hong Kong Disneyland Trip down the river on the Jungle Cruise 

Y.E.S. Educational Program @ HK Disneyland
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Learning to draw @ Animation Academy Environmental Exploration – Puzzle time  

The trip was a totally new experience for most of the students, some being their first trip overseas and away from their families. Throughout the entire trip, our 38 Acorns had shown their initiative to develop skills and cultivate the school’s HEART values and applied the 7 Habits of Effective students while bonding with fellow schoolmates and fostering team camaraderie.

School Events_Hong Kong Immersion Trip28.JPGOur dedicated teachers – visit to the Islamic Centre of Hong Kong 

Heading back to our homeland after a fulfilling trip!

School Events_Hong Kong Immersion Trip29.JPGHappy and fulfilled Acorns

Indeed, this cultural immersion programme had enriched our students’ learning experiences beyond the school. All in all, it had been an extremely valuable experience in broadening the global vision of our Acorns as they learnt to be independent while making new friends along the way.

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“I am thankful to Northoaks, my parents and teachers who made this fruitful and enjoyable trip possible. We have learnt so much!’ - Chloe Wong (5F) 

“I learnt about the story of Hong Kong’s public housing and made a comparison to our HDB flats in Singapore. I respect the similarities and differences. I miss my HDB flat and I appreciate the good living conditions back home!”– Ryan Arman bin Abdullah (5C) Tenacity “I was allergic to lavender and could not complete making the pouch at the farm but I tried my best to decorate it.” - Kayne Wong (5E) 

TLiM – Habit 2 (First Things First) 
“We went to Hong Kong Disneyland, not to play but to learn. Through the Y.E.S. programme, my group was engaged in environment exploration and we learnt many names of flowers and trees as we explored the flora and fauna within Disneyland.” - Chloe Koh (5M) 

Life Skill 
“I learnt to budget my money when I shopped for some simple souvenirs for my family and friends.” - Ho Xiu Xuan (5F)