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International Friendship Day

In the Spirit of ASEAN...

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International Friendship Day 2018 provided us with the opportunity to merge the spirit of ASEAN with the ‘Sayang Sembawang’ spirit of Northoaks. In collaboration with Canberra Secondary School, we embarked on a community outreach programme where selected teachers and students presented each foreign worker and local passer-by with an apple and a hand-written note of appreciation. We could tell from their warm smiles and friendly greetings that our kind gesture was well received. During assembly, some students and teachers clad in costumes from various countries presented interesting information and pictures of their personal experiences either of an ASEAN country they were born in or one that they had visited. The highlight of the show was the colourful fusion-dance performance by our students from Primary 3E. The students moved to the groove of the song entitled “Rasa Sayang”, which tied in beautifully with the theme of ‘Sayang Sembawang’. What a wonderful display of the ASEAN spirit! To add to the excitement, students were given the opportunity to get to know their foreign friends better via an online activity. Students accessed Padlet from home and uploaded pictures and interesting facts about their country of origin, a country they had visited and/or of their lifestyle in Singapore so as to promote the spirit of friendliness, goodwill and appreciation.

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