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Open House

The annual Northoaks Primary Open House welcomed members of the public to learn more about the Northoaks’ experience and to know more about the learning and development opportunities that our school has to offer.
School Events_Open House1.jpgSchool Events_Open House2.jpg
Our students from the various CCAs staged performances which captured the attention of the audience.
School Events_Open House3.jpg
Our artistic children guiding the children and visitors.
School Events_Open House4.jpg
Charming handchimes performance by the Primary 2 students.
School Events_Open House5.jpg
Mini games … “Yay! I got it!”
School Events_Open House6.jpg
School Events_Open House7.jpg
 Our students presenting and promoting their booths with enthusiasm.
School Events_Open House8.jpgSchool Events_Open House9.jpg 
School Events_Open House10.jpgSchool Events_Open House11.jpg 
Northoaks students showcasing their talents.