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Primary 4 Camp

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School Events_P4 Camp5.jpgSchool Events_P4 Camp6.jpgStudents overcoming the challenges with the help of their friends.

On 7th July 2017, our school held our inaugural 1 Day, P4 camp at BB/GB Campsite@Sembawang. The camp programme was designed with the following objectives:
1. Develop self-confidence
2. Synergize and work with others
3. Develop a lively curiosity about outdoor activities
4. Develop leadership and team-building skills
5. Explore ways to respond to a challenge

Although it was a challenging day for the students, they did well and showed strong resilience by completing all the challenges. The camaraderie among the students were evident when they motivated their peers in the various challenges.

We are confident that our students will treasure the memories and display the HEART values when faced with challenges in their outdoor pursuit.