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Primary 5 Camp

This year, a total of 157 students called the Camp Challenge (Sembawang) their home for two nights from 22 to 24 March 2018.

Our objectives are to foster teamwork and promote interaction among the students. The activities, planned aimed at building character and instilling the school core values in our students. Students went through a variety of experiential learning activities like Rafting, Low Elements activities, Archery and Lazer activities. These activities fostered closer friendships and camaraderie among the students.

The campfire was held on the second night of the camp where parents and staff were invited to celebrate the students' achievements and camp experiences. Our campers put up group performances and sang and cheered amidst the glowing campfire.

The students had a great time bonding with their peers. Some students mentioned that they appreciated the experience and got to know one another better. These experiences created fond memories of their Primary School education and this was positive affirmation that the camp had achieved its objectives.

School Events_P5 Camp1.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp2.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp3.jpg
Students taking part in the Rafting Activity

School Events_P5 Camp4.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp5.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp6.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp7.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp8.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp9.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp10.jpgStudents taking part in Lazer and Archery Activities.

School Events_P5 Camp11.jpgSchool Events_P5 Camp12.jpgStudents helping out to serve dinner to fellow campers.

School Events_P5 Camp13.jpgCleaning up after themselves after every meal.

School Events_P5 Camp14.jpgToken of appreciation given to students who had submitted the camp T-shirt designs.

School Events_P5 Camp15.jpgThe winning design

School Events_P5 Camp16.jpgBest Camper from each team

School Events_P5 Camp17.jpg
School Events_P5 Camp18.jpgOur 1st P5 Camp 2018