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Racial Harmony Day

“The Singapore Way”– the theme for Racial Harmony Day for 2017 emphasised the importance of preserving racial and religious harmony in Singapore and in Northoaks. Our students participated in a series of activities for an entire week to promote inter-racial understanding among students and to appreciate the diversity of cultures in Singapore 
Activities throughout the week included ethnic performances such as “Kuai Ban”, “Dikir Barat”, and a fashion parade showcasing various ethnic costumes by our very own teachers! Thanks to our Parent Support Group, students had the opportunity to try their hands in making ethnic food like “tang yuan”, “muruku”, malay “kueh” and “tea tarik”. Our very own “tea tarik" teacher, Mr Kanthan, demonstrated to students the art of “tea tarik”. Students also played traditional games such as hopscotch, zero point, pick up sticks, Five Stones, Kuti kuti and Capteh during recess. 
Truly The Singapore Way!
School Events_Racial Harmony Day1.jpgStudents performing the “Kuai-Ban”
School Events_Racial Harmony Day2.jpgChoral recitation by students of different nationalities.
School Events_Racial Harmony Day3.jpgDikir barat performed by our Malay students.
School Events_Racial Harmony Day4.jpgSkit by Tamil students entitled “The Enormous Turnip”
School Events_Racial Harmony Day5.jpgMr Kanthan teaching the art of The Tarik (Pulling Tea)
School Events_Racial Harmony Day6.jpgParents from our PSG, providing students with the opportunity to try their hands in making “muruku”.