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Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day is commemorated annually to mark the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. Students were engaged with various activities that helped them understand the importance of defending our country. This year, our students were privileged to be able to interact with the police officers. A booth was set up by the Neighbourhood Police Centre officers to create awareness on crime prevention. Students truly enjoyed the interaction with the police officers!

School Events_Total Defence Day1.jpg
Students solving puzzles on crime prevention.
School Events_Total Defence Day2.jpgStudents viewing the interior of a police car. 
To experience Total Defence Day in a more meaningful way, students and teachers had to go through a food rationing exercise in 2017. Coupons were used to redeem sweet potato porridge from the canteen vendors. Students had a taste of the food our forefathers had during war time.
School Events_Total Defence Day3.jpgFood rationing – students queuing up eagerly for sweet potato porridge.
A skit was also put up by teachers and students to illustrate the importance and significance of Total Defence Day to the students. Total Defence Day is definitely alive in Northoaks Primary School.
School Events_Total Defence Day4.jpg
School Events_Total Defence Day5.jpgA quiz was also included as part of the skit on Total Defence Day.
School Events_Total Defence Day6.jpgOur Teachers, Our Defence Heroes!