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Our Culture of Care 

Eat with Class

Every child matters at Northoaks Primary School. We believe that learning takes place in a caring and safe environment. With a safe, respectful, caring and positive learning environment, our children at Northoaks will be nurtured . Teachers eat with their classes regularly during recess and lunch. Through this, we cultivate a positive teacher-student relationship in Northoaks Primary School. With this  culture of care and mutual respect in our school, every child will feel valued.

Eat with class-CY.jpg

An opportunity for the teachers to have a better understanding of their students outside the classroom.

Eat with class photo4.jpg

Attending to the needs of every child.

Eat with class photo6.jpg

Fostering interactions.
Lending a listening ear to the students.

Eat with class_Rochelle.jpg

Building bridges with every child. 

(Some footage was taken before 2020.)